For the two weeks around the dates proposed, no other events are scheduled in the greater area surrounding the race location. As a result, there should be no difficulty for flights or accommodation and the infrastructure is ready and equipped to accommodate guests.

The location proposed is:

Latitude: 45°48‘ N
Longitude: 10°47‘ E

During the period that the championship will be held, the prevailing southerly wind is thermally generated. It starts at around 12.00 and blows constantly until 19.00.
Wind speed ranges from 8 to 14 knots. In the morning we have a light thermal breeze from 8.00 until around 10.00 coming mainly from North but a little instable. Wind speed ranges from 2 to 8 knots.

The minimum and maximum depths of water for the sailing area are 150 cm - 40m and the maximum wave / swell that to be expected is approx. 70 cm.

The water in the proposed location is not subject to tide (lake – internal waters). The wind can generate a current up to approx. 1 knot. As this is caused by the wind it is in the same direction. The sailing will be in fresh water.

The race course from the position of the sun during a day of sailing is a north south course due to the allocation of the lake and also do to the wind conditions. Said this the race course and the control area being on the west side. This means that the skippers will looking east. In the early morning the sun is shadowed by the mountains in front (east side) and around 9.30 the sun comes out. When the south wind comes in the sun is above our heads and it will fall behind for the rest of the day when the most of the racing will be done.